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Actian makes data easy. Simplify how you connect, manage, and analyze your data

Standardize on a single Edge to Cloud solution

  • How many different file systems, historians, and databases are operational across your organization?
  • Are you seeing an increase in the size and number of data streams you collect and analyze, data types fused, and data processing and advanced analytics, including AI/ML, at the edge?
  • Are you using different databases for time series vs. JSON vs. BLOB vs. relational data?
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The case for Modern Edge Data Management

Want a simple answer to all this complexity?
Zen: Zero-DBA, Embeddable, Nano-footprint Database

A single secure modular data management solution across the entire edge



Single, secure, scalable architecture supports concurrent read and write, NoSQL and SQL across all popular embedded environments

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Faster than leading purpose-built databases at time series, JSON-based andBLOB document stores, and orders of magnitude faster than SQLite

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Provides AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest and transports that data without ETL between devices, gateways, branches and cloud

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Same architecture handles embedding in a single device, publishing and subscription to and from thousands of devices per upstream node, dedicated client-server on-premises or virtualized in the cloud

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Avoid ETL between devices, gateways, branch and cloud environments — Improve speed, integration cost, remove security vulnerabilities

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On-Demand Webinar:
The Future of Edge Data Management


Plurilogic extends Pluriportail with campus-wide student and asset tracking using Zen Edge and RFID

Tracking attendance and assets using RF-IF technology and embedded database systems on K-12 and higher education campuses

“With Zen data management, we’ve been able to extend our integrated solutions in the classroom and across campuses to better track and manage students and institutional assets, extending our capabilities to IoT and mobile devices.”

Here are some examples
of what our customers can do

Diagnosing a product in a manufacturing facility

Edge data processing and analytics for advanced production methodologies such as digital twinning, sensor grids for smart factories, and smart spaces will require modern edge data management.

Patient about to undergo an MRI scan

Complex capital equipment, ranging from smart cars to passenger airliners and MRIs in hospitals will be instrumented to support offering them as a service, performing predictive maintenance and protecting them from cyber threats.

Integrate Anytime Image

Intelligent Edge Applications will increasingly provide localized analytics and contextual decision support for seamless interaction across multiple devices, working in connected and disconnected modes

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