The power to fully leverage your data &
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Hybrid Cloud Data

Run your analytics where you keep your data. On premise and across multiple cloud services. Actian’s intelligent federated query unites your data.

Actian Data Platform

Hybrid Cloud Data Platform

Actian Data Platform provides unparalleled analytics performance on-prem and on multiple cloud platforms, powered by the patented vectorized database engine, with built-in integrations to hundreds of data sources.

  • On-premises: Achieves extreme performance with full ACID compliance on commodity hardware
  • Cloud: Available on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud as a fully managed service with elastic scalability and separation of compute and storage


Analytic Database

Vector is the world’s fastest analytics database with the ability to run complex ad-hoc queries against billions of records in just seconds. Flexible deployment options include on-premises on Windows and Linux and on Google Cloud, AWS and Azure. Vector supports 1000s of users and 99.999% availability for consistent delivery of fast analytics.

Data Integration

Actian’s data integration portfolio connects data sources, applications and businesses to automate flows of information.


Actian DataConnect is a highly scalable hybrid integration solution that enables you to quickly and easily design, deploy, and manage integrations on-premises, in the cloud.

Business Xchange

Actian Business Xchange is a fully-managed B2B integration service that enables trading partners to operate electronic trading relationships to exchange electronic procurement and supply chain documents.


Actian DataFlow provides a parallel execution platform for real-time processing of data-in-motion.  DataFlow accelerates the analysis, extraction, transformation and loading of data across a business.

Edge Data

The Zen family of databases share a common file format that is ideally suited to applications that run in branch offices or on edge devices where zero administration and small footprint requirements are common.

Zen Core

Zen Core is a compact database  for mobile/IoT device applications. The database is accessed using a NoSQL API and can be embedded directly in apps using Dynamic Link Libraries. Zen Core can have footprint as little as 2MB.

Zen Enterprise

Is a multi-user, zero administration, embeddable database that runs on Windows and supports thousands of users.

Zen Edge

Designed to be embedded in Edge gateways and complex machinery, where there is a requirement for client-server functionality and the ability to support hundreds of users.

Zen Cloud Server

This cloud-ready version of Zen Enterprise, runs in VMs and containers, so that it can be embedded or bundled within complex SaaS applications and managed services.


Actian’s relational transactional databases support applications requiring high-rates of record creation and updates, complex object models and rapid data-centric application generation.

Actian X – Hybrid Enterprise Database

Actian X combines the Ingres transaction-processing database management system with an embedded high-performance analytic database, supporting in-line OLAP for OLTP use cases.

NoSQL Database – Versant

NoSQL is suited to business with applications that use extremely complex object models that require high availability and robust data replication.


OneDB is the database of choice for cloud native deployment. Customers receive a fast and affordable path forward to the cloud with minimal risk.

The Ingres NeXt Initiative

This initiative takes the legendary Ingres database to the cloud and, with the OpenROAD toolset, modernizes app presentation for web and mobile.


OpenROAD is a database-centric, object-oriented, 4GL rapid application development tool that makes application modernization easy  to build and deploy high performance and high availability business applications.

HCL Informix

HCL Informix is a fast, resilient, and scalable database server that manages relational, object-relational, and dimensional databases.

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