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An Insightful Introduction to the Operational Data Warehouse

Learn key trends in data analytics and data warehousing.

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Data Integration
Edge Data Management

Actian Vector versus Snowflake Cloud Database Performance Benchmark Report

McKnight Consulting Group (MCG) Global Services profiled Actian Vector performance on AWS compared to Snowflake and found that that complex join queries from the Berkeley Big Data Benchmark ran up to 20 times faster on Vector. This report illustrates how scaling to 20 concurrent queries, Actian Vector’s kept pace with the user growth better than Snowflake which encountered severe concurrency limitations.


Actian Vector versus Amazon Redshift Cloud Database Performance Benchmark Report

McKnight Consulting Group (MCG) Global Services profiled Actian Vector performance on AWS compared Amazon Redshift and found that complex queries ran 13.8 times faster on Vector with 20 concurrent users. This report illustrates how database size increased scaled from 1 to 5 to 10 Terabytes the performance advantage provided by Actian Vector on Hadoop grew.


Actian PointConnect: Instant ServiceNow Integration

Actian PointConnect delivers instant, hassle-free ServiceNow integration using pre-built workflow templates that reduce your integration implementation time from days or weeks to mere hours.


Actian Integration: Jumpstart your integration

Learn how Actian DataConnect and PointConnect can help you achieve instant integration, whether it’s point-to-point or managing hundreds of connections.


Forrester Research Report

Create a Road Map for a Real-Time, Agile, Self-Service Data Platform

Download this complimentary report for creating an agile data platform


DataCloud Service Agreement

This click-through business agreement for DataCloud services covers licensing, usage, pricing, billing and other terms and conditions that must be agreed to for an order to be accepted.

Press Release

Actian Introduces Actian X and DataConnect 11

Actian today announced a new vision and set of solutions designed to unify diverse data across the enterprise. Actian X is the first native, hybrid database that combines the power of the proven Actian Ingres OLTP database with Actian’s industry leading Vector analytics query engine to deliver break-through performance and scalability critical to powering the next generation digital enterprise.


DataConnect Professional Services packages

With experience in hundreds of integration engagements, the Actian Professional Services can make a significant difference in the success of your DataConnect deployment. We have helped numerous organizations gain significant improvements in the performance, scalability, and integration capabilities enabled by DataConnect.


Actian Avalanche Migration Assessment Professional Services

The Actian Avalanche Migration Assessment offers a pre-defined set of professional services tailored to your requirements. The service is designed to assist you with understanding the requirements to migrate to Actian Avalanche and to impart recommendations important to your migration strategy formulation, planning, and implementation.


VectorH Quickstart Professional Services

The Actian VectorH Implementation QuickStart Package is a pre-defined set of professional services, tailored to your requirements, that is designed to help you realize product value quickly and efficiently from the time of purchase.


Vector Quickstart Professional Services

The Actian Vector Implementation QuickStart Package offers a pre-defined set of professional services, tailored to your requirements, that is designed to help you realize product value quickly and efficiently from the time of purchase.


BX Attachment

BXAttachment service provides BX customers the capability to send electronic support documents along with an electronic transaction as required by their trading partner. For example, a signed delivery ticket can be scanned and sent through BX attached a customer’s invoice. This will allow a supplier to fully automate processes while maintaining traditional supporting documentation.


Customer Portal Knowledge Base Search Tutorial

How to do a Knowledge Base search in the Actian customer support portal.


New Community Project

Overview of the new Actian community and customer portal.


Streaming Flight Data into Ingres From a Raspberry Pi

This video highlights Ingres geospatial data capabilities and GIS functions, high volume streaming data capture and integration with third-party tools.  Actian shows the development of an application that collects and decodes ADS-B flight data using a Raspberry Pi. Apache Kafka provides a message queue and loads the data into Ingres 10.2 where it can then be accessed to automatically update (every 20 seconds) an HTML web page with embedded SQL and the Google Maps API.


Ingres Geospatial and Google Maps

A simple application demonstrating how to take data from Ingres and display it geospatially.


What’s New in OpenROAD 6.2

What’s new in OpenROAD 6.2. This first of three parts covers new features to meet new business requirements, reduce development costs, and improve the deployment experience.


Actian OpenROAD 6.2 Loadnrun

The OpenROAD 6.2 Loadnrun tool manages client deployments and updates to OpenROAD applications from a central server. This deep dive into Loadnrun covers how to manage deployments and updates to any OpenROAD client machine and how to eliminate manual installation of OpenROAD applications.


Secrets to Simple Hybrid-Cloud Integrations

Ray Wang, Constellation Research, shares common pitfalls and challenges that often over complicate hybrid-cloud integrations and provides tips to help you simplify your integration strategy.


Getting Data to Deliver Value Like Your People Do

For most companies, people are one of the most valuable assets. Ray Wang, Constellation Research, shows the best practices that enable us to interact with data in a way that makes it just as valuable as interacting with our colleagues.


The Path of Right Resistance

Ray Wang, Constellation Research, discusses the importance of a balanced signal to data ratio within a dataset to cut through the noise and help you find the answers to the questions that provide true business value.


Three Simple Steps to Avoid Integration Haze

The three key steps to planning a successful data integration. Watch the video from Ray Wang, Constellation Research, to see the questions you should be asking before you begin.


Five Winning Elements to Timely Data Onboarding

Ray Wang, Constellation Research, reveals the five elements that need your attention in order to achieve a timely data onboarding.


Your Future is Multimodal

Right now most companies have their data sitting in multiple locations requiring different point solutions. Ray Wang, Constellation Research, talks about the implications of multimodal and how this will change our use of the cloud.


Two Things IT Should Stop Doing Right Now

Ray Wang, Constellation Research, shares two important steps that IT should take to move their organization in the right direction and make data matter.


Recognizing Your Integration Journey Before You Choose a Strategy

Before developing your integration strategy, Ray Wang, Constellation Research, says it is important to understand the desired end result and how it will scale in the future. See how to choose a strategy that solves complex problems in a simple manner.


BX Manager

BX Manager is a web-based portal where users can track and manage documents and partner relationships. The Actian Business Xchange platform is a fully automated document exchange service.


BX Manager Inbox

View inbound documents from your trading partners


BX Manager Outbox

View outbound documents to be sent to your trading partners


BX Transaction Tracking

Online feature for tracking the progress of documents and associated dollars


BX Webform

Enter document information directly into BX Manager and send to any trading partner.


BX Manager Document Flip

Auto-populate an outbound webform with information from inbound documents (ex. Invoice response to a purchase order).


BX OperatorConnect

This managed Web-based data exchange service enables Operators to send and receive business information electronically in a seamless, timely and secure manner regardless of their enterprise system. It takes information from one company, translates it to their trading partner’s format, and then delivers that information precisely where it’s needed.


BX SupplierConnect (Oil&Gas)

This managed web-based data exchange service enables Suppliers to send and receive business information electronically in a seamless, timely and secure manner regardless of the enterprise system. Information is taken from one company, translated into their trading partner’s format, and delivered precisely where it’s needed.


BX PortalConnect

This managed Web-based data exchange service enables third party portals to send and receive their clients’ business information electronically in a seamless, timely and secure manner regardless of their enterprise system. BX PortalConnect is a cloud-based solution that also brings the added benefit of a 25 year legacy of integration technology and one of the most comprehensive lists of application and file adapters.


BX Onboarding

The BXOnboarding team is a veteran group with more than a decade of B2B Integration services and B2B document exchange experience. Our average implementation time is well below typical on-boarding times thanks to our streamlined implementation process and deep experience.


BX Validation

BX Validation allows you to check documents against custom business rules to reduce errors and rejects. Validations ensure that only correct data is sent from the Actian Business Xchange platform to the receiving party’s system.


BX Archiving

BX Archiving allows users to store historical transactions for auditing, reporting, and other functions.


Actian X – X100 Data Sheet

The X100 engine, from Actian’s analytic database ‘Vector’, brings to your Actian X instance the power of column-based data-storage, x86 vector-processing with in-cache direct decompression, and other notable technical advances.


Actian X Data Sheet

Actian X Hybrid Database is the combination of the industry-leading Ingres transactional and Vector analytic databases, bundled with world class integration and enterprise monitoring.


What’s New in PSQL v12

The new features in PSQL v12 SP1 include online defragmentation, improved unicode support and updates to the ADO.NET, JDBC, JCL and PDAC SDKs.


Bx PortalConnect Data Sheet

Bx PortalConnect is a fully managed onboarding service that enables Portal providers to more rapidly connect with Buyers and Supplier systems to facilitate transfer of P2P business documents such as orders, invoices, and remittance documents.


Customer Portal How to Register Create a login ID

How to register on the Actian customer support portal and create a new ID.


Zen / PSQL AuditMaster Data Sheet

Actian AuditMaster operates as part of the PSQL database to log database events and transaction-driven changes, tracking accidental errors and intentional fraud, and providing a path for recovery. AuditMaster requires no changes to application code or the database, so businesses can get data access security and accountability quickly, easily, and with very low maintenance overhead.


Zen and PSQL DataExchange Data Sheet

DataExchange for PSQL offers two types of data replication solution: real-time data backup of a single PSQL database and data synchronization between multiple applications. DataExchange provides a simple to use solution for securing and protecting your mission-critical data from application downtime and data loss.


Bx SupplierConnect Data Sheet

Bx SupplierConnect is a proven, fully managed and engineered web-based data exchange service to send and receive procure-to-pay business documents such as orders, invoices, and remittances, translating these documents into desired formats for ERP integration and better cash flow.


Bx OperatorConnect Data Sheet

Bx OperatorConnect supports standards such as PIDX to speed up the processing of business transactions between oil & gas operators and their various suppliers. Connect to any trading partner electronically regardless of back-office technology or trading format to streamline the cash flow process.


Bx BuyerConnect Data Sheet

Bx BuyerConnect is a fully managed, web-based data exchange service that translates business documents (PO’s, Invoices, Shipping Notices, Acknowledgements) from your suppliers into a format that can be read by your own systems, streamlining transactions to reduce transaction costs, earn discounts, and avoid fees.


Business Xchange Data Sheet

Business Xchange is a fully managed and engineered, web-based B2B data-exchange suite with services for both buyers and suppliers.  Using Business Xchange accelerates invoicing and payments to reduce outstanding payments, increase accuracy, and improve cash flow.


Actian Vector: A Technical Overview

Actian Vector is relational database software for data analytics that exploits performance features in today’s x86 CPUs that most other relational databases do not take advantage of. Learn how exactly it exploits the CPU, how it leverages industry standard best practices and how it has helped other companies.


SQL in Hadoop Buyer’s Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn about the top 10 key capabilities required for a true SQL in Hadoop solution as well as the decision criteria to support long term requirements.


Actian Vector Data Sheet

Actian Vector™ is a revolutionary analytic database that delivers unmatched performance and price/performance-yet requires less hardware and virtually no database tuning.


Ingres 10.2 Data Sheet

Ingres is a leading enterprise-grade database management system designed to reduce IT costs and time-to-value. Ingres 10.2 adds enhancements for geospatial features, performance, system administration and internationalization. And with its new SQL capabilities, you can take your first steps into big data analytics.


Actian NoSQL 9 Data Sheet

Actian NoSQL offers all the transactional capabilities of a robust  Enterprise database, including the support of ACID transactions, distributed two phase commit, interfaces to third party transaction monitoring systems such as Tivoli, optimistic and pessimistic locking schemes and more.


PSQL v12 Data Sheet

Actian PSQL is one of the most reliable, low maintenance, high-performance database management systems in the world. Actian PSQL v12 offers important additions: multi-core optimization, improved backup support with Actian Backup Agent and VSS, enhanced 64-bit support, updated license administration, IPv6 support and updated developer tools.


PSQL Online Defragmenter Data Sheet

Over time, a busy database becomes fragmented as records are created, updated, or deleted. File access time grows and transaction response slows. The PSQL Defragmenter utility solves these problems by finding data fragmentation and letting you correct it while the engine is running. It rebuilds indexes and removes unused space so that clients can access files efficiently again.


Btrieve 12 Data Sheet

Brieve 12 is an up-to-date, supported on Windows 10, ready to run your application, Btrieve 6.15 replacement. Btrieve 12 is file format and API compatible with Btrieve 6.15, allowing Btrieve 6.15 applications to run on the most current Windows OS platforms without a recompile.


OpenROAD 6.2 Data Sheet

OpenROAD is a database-centric, object-oriented, 4GL application development tool that lets you develop and deploy mission-critical, n-tier business applications against databases such as Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 UDB. Developers using the newest release, OpenROAD 6.2, will find a much improved platform that can easily restyle existing applications, extend and customize business objects, field types and frame types and add new behaviors that either required a lot of code or simply weren’t possible before.


OpenROAD 5.1 Data Sheet

OpenROAD has always provided features that enable rapid application development and deployment.  OpenROAD version 5.1 takes this further, providing robust support for using XML in your OpenROAD applications.  Now OpenROAD Workbench can import and export applications and components using XML.

Case Study

Bucap Case Study

Bucap employs Ingres and OpenROAD for customized, flexible, and reliable document management services for 5,000 active users and almost 500M items.

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Actian is here to help. Read this complimentary report by Gartner for a quick assessment and identify next best actions.