Vector Community Edition – A Database for High Performance Analytics

Actian Vector Community Edition

High Performance SMP Analytics With No Strings Attached

What is Actian Vector?

Actian Vector is a relational database engine designed for high performance analytics. Actian Vector was designed from the ground up to exploit performance features in today’s x86 CPUs such as vectorization and larger chip caches enabling in-chip analytics.  Actian Vector’s record breaking speed delivers results faster than any of its competitors.

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  • Query billions of records with extreme performance
  • Deploy BI faster without risky, complex, and costly EDW projects
  • Iterate analytics more quickly for faster business insights
  • Up to 250 GBs of data
  • Community support model

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Free for as long as you need, with an easy upgrade to Vector Enterprise Edition or Vector in Hadoop.

Here are some examples of what our customers can do: