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Data Management

Zen Embedded Database

Actian Zen Database™ family is the most reliable, low-maintenance, embedded, nano-footprint, high-performance Edge database in the world.  Actian Zen Core for Android and iOS provides a 2MB NoSQL client database that can be embedded in apps to support IoT and Mobile data processing, analytics, and automation.  Zen Edge for Windows IoT and embedded Linux provides full data management, client-server capabilities with a 30MB minimum footprint, perfect for IoT Gateways and complex embedded platforms in a range of edge environments from MRIs to Oil Rigs.  Zen Enterprise (fully backward compatible with PSQL) provides full support for embedding in distributed enterprise apps for ERP, CRM, BI, and more with a footprint starting at 170 MB on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.  All are based on the same architecture and code base so there is zero ETL between versions, data stays encrypted at rest and in transit.  Actian Zen combines NoSQL and SQL relational access for the perfect blend of performance and standard access. Zero DBA design and fantastic backward compatibility mean that ISVs and Enterprise with mission critical in-house software systems support costs are dramatically reduced.

Ready to get started, download Zen and go to Zendocs.actian.com to quickly come up to speed

Actian X Hybrid Database

Actian X Hybrid Database™, the newest release of Ingres, is a combination of industry-leading Ingres transactional and Vector analytic databases, world class integration and a robust monitoring tool. Actian X runs business critical systems for Fortune 100 companies and government agencies and has industry leading customer satisfaction ratings. Ingres runs business-critical systems for Fortune 100 companies and government agencies and has an industry-leading (93%) customer satisfaction rating.

NoSQL Object Database

Actian NoSQL Object Database™ (Versant) enables software developers to handle database requirements for extremely complex object models with ease and is used by the world’s largest companies for applications with very large scale data management requirements. NoSQL doesn’t need mapping code to store or retrieve objects, so schema modifications can be handled without application downtime. Fault tolerance, synchronous and asynchronous replication, high availability and excellent scalability make Actian NoSQL ready for the enterprise.


Actian OpenROAD™ is a database-centric, object-oriented, 4GL application development tool that lets you develop and deploy mission-critical, n-tier business applications against databases such as Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 UDB.

Developers using the newest release, OpenROAD 6.2, will find a much improved platform that can easily restyle existing applications, extend and customize business objects, field types and frame types and add new behaviors that previously either required a lot of code or simply weren’t possible.

Data Integration


Actian DataConnect™ is a scalable solution that allows you to quickly and easily design, deploy, and manage integrations on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments with no limits on data types or volumes.


Link SaaS applications, or on-premises to cloud, through the Actian DataCloud™ managed service that makes it all fast and easy.

Business Xchange

Actian Business Xchange™ is a fully managed B2B integration service that enables trading partners to exchange electronic procurement and supply chain documents regardless of format or enterprise system. Business Xchange helps trading partners reduce costs, inefficiencies and friction in their electronic trading relationships.


Actian PointConnect™ enables cost-effective, rapid point-to-point integration between two specific applications by providing pre-built workflow templates to expedite mapping and data transformations.

Data Analytics


Actian Vector™ is a relational database engine designed for high performance analytics. Actian Vector was designed from the ground up to exploit performance features in today’s x86 CPUs such as vectorization and larger chip caches enabling in-chip analytics.  Actian Vector’s record breaking speed delivers results faster than any of its competitors.


Actian Vector in Hadoop™ (VectorH) is a high-performance MPP SQL engine with vectorized query execution that runs natively in Hadoop, powering modern decision support systems and BI by enabling developers, data scientists and business analysts to query HDFS data for machine learning, advanced analytics, statistics and more.peed delivers results faster than any of its competitors.

Vector for Cloud

Actian Vector is available not only on-premises but also in the cloud, with the Community Edition offered as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from the AWS Marketplace.  Use 1-click deployment to provision an analytic environment within minutes to explore the capabilities and performance Vector can deliver.

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