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Actian Zen: Zero-DBA, Embedded, Nano-footprint, Multi-Model, Multi-Platform

  • Single architecture – from device to gateway, from server to cloud
  • Multi-model, multi-platform, embedded in most popular languages
  • Modular: 2MB client to 35MB server to full Enterprise under 200MB
  • No-ETL between clients, servers, and cloud
  • AES 256-bit military-grade encryption
  • Embed in apps, configurable through APIs
  • Built-in automated defragmentation
  • Single data file/table size of 64 TB

SQLite … good enough just isn’t in today’s demanding use cases

Actian Zen Editions

Actian Zen Core

  • Embed in apps on smart devices and Smartphones/PDAs
  • Client-only NoSQL database
  • Minimum footprint of 2MB
  • No ETL up to Cloud, On-Premise IT, or Edge or in Peer-to-peer clients
  • Full compatibility with Edge, Remote/Branch and Cloud versions

Add-On Software


  • Generates logs of all DB events, delivering a detailed audit trail
  • No changes to the application needed
  • Query and alert capability configurable against specific compliance and security policies
  • Support diagnosis and data recovery of before/after images
  • Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 support
  • Real-time support of operational Zen and PSQL databases
  • Embeddable APIs and configurable dashboards for remote management

Backup Agent

  • Backup operational Zen and PSQL databases
  • Works with all major 3rd party backup software
  • API for use embeds in your application
  • Maintains data integrity and continuity without service interruptions
  • Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 support
  • Embeddable APIs and configurable dashboards for remote management


  • Exchange data and two-way synchronization of Zen and PSQL databases
  • Backup and recovery to/from multiple remote replication sites
  • Built in 256-bit encryption
  • Separate replication event handler and replication engine ensure zero impact on operational databases
  • Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 support
  • Embeddable APIs and configurable dashboards for remote management

Upgrade from PSQL to Zen

Business Critical Edge data management

Hundreds of thousands of customers rely on  Actian Zen based applications to run their business every day. Reliability, low TCO and Zero-DBA characteristics are why the Actian Zen Embedded database family has been the choice of global ISVs, OEMs, SIs  and end users selling and supporting business critical applications to SMB’s, enterprises and everyone in between.

Thomson Reuters

“Zen Cloud Server is a good fit for ISVs, OEMs, and IT users who wish to implement an orderly migration to the cloud. It provides the tools, the technology, and the licensing model to make the cloud implementation of a database simple. It is designed to accommodate the customer’s environment of choice, whether that is: – On a server in the data center – In a private cloud – In the public cloud – In a hybrid cloud environment.”

– Robin Bloor, The Bloor Group

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