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DataCloud Backup for Enterprise-Grade Data

Back up your mission-critical Ingres and Actian X data to a secure offsite location painlessly


Peace of Mind

Let us worry about your offsite storage for Ingres and Actian X backups. We’ll automatically store your database backups in the cloud via our service monitored 24×7.


Cost Effective

Eliminate the expense of a tape solution with administrative and storage costs, and reduce the risks and delays of physically moving tape storage.


It Just Works

DataCloud Backup integrates seamlessly with your existing Ingres and Actian X instances and requires only a few minutes to set up.

What is DataCloud Backup?

Actian DataCloud Backup manages Ingres/Actian X database backups using a managed cloud service that is scalable, secure, and integrated with your existing database installation. Transparently storing your Ingres or Actian X backup files into a secure and durable off-site location, it eliminates the overhead associated with copying and managing backups to another media such as tape or disk.

Protect Your Ingres and Actian X Data in the Cloud

Use an integrated backup solution that’s dependable, economical, and transparent to protect your critical business data



The DataCloud Backup agent uses an encrypted https communications channel between your Ingres or Actian X instance and our service running in the public cloud. Backups are encrypted locally with a strong encryption password of your choice, protected by the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key that never leaves your Ingres instance.



DataCloud Backup continuously monitors Ingres and Actian X instances, checkpoints (full backups) and journals (incremental backups). As soon as the data is ready, the backup agent immediately pushes it out to the cloud within the appropriate database context to ensure transactional consistency and up to date backups available in an offsite location.



Our service can handle multiple Ingres and Actian X installations and our infrastructure automatically scales to handle thousands of instances, if necessary.

Performance Optimized


Backups are automatically compressed and uploaded in multiple parts to ensure that they are available in an offsite storage as soon as possible.

portal management

Easy to Manage

Monitor/manage backups through a browser based intuitive web console that allows you to see your backup activities and registered Ingres and Actian X instances, and to download/restore backups at the click of a button.



DataCloud Backup allows you to choose the geographical region where you store your backup data storage. Your data will never leave that region and we will always honor your region choice.


Actian DataCloud Backup vs. Tape

Offsite Data Protection Actian DataCloud Backup Tape
Integrated with Actian X / Ingres    
Built-in encryption    
Continuous automatic backup of journals    
Redundant backups    
Offsite backup    
Secure offsite storage    Additional cost
Online backup management / monitoring console    

At Actian, we rely on Ingres to support some of our internal business operational systems, including “Piccolo,” which runs Ingres engineering operations on Ingres 10.2. Once we connected Piccolo to DataCloud Backup, we no longer had any worries about managing our backups. Here’s what our DBA and IT staff had to say about DataCloud Backup and Piccolo:

“The setup literally took 5 minutes and we could we see our backups appear almost instantly in the DataCloud Backup console” – Steven Shuriff, Engineering Manager, Actian. Steve is responsible for managing the Ingres database that supports Piccolo.

“We required a reliable and easy offsite backup solution for the Ingres database running Piccolo and DataCloud Backup for Ingres was the perfect choice” – Jim McCaskey, Director, Dev Ops, Actian. Jim manages the various source code control systems for Actian.

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