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Actian Avalanche

The Third Generation
Cloud Data Warehouse Managed Service
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What is Actian Avalanche

Our innovative cloud data warehouse service is designed from the ground up to deliver and maintain high performance as you rapidly increase concurrent use with very large data sets. This unique Hybrid data architecture optimizes cloud resource utilization, allowing you to pay only for what you use and seamlessly work across AWS, Azure, private cloud and on-prem environments. Give your business analysts, data scientists, and other analytics power users the ability to perform more accurate analysis faster, using fresher data to deliver better business outcomes.

Why Actian Avalanche?

  • Unbounded Performance: Delivers up to 20 times the speed of alternative cloud data warehouses and far more against traditional Enterprise Data Warehouses.
  • Deploy in Minutes: Fully-managed, activated in minutes with rapid data ingestion and industry-standard connectivity for data integration and visualization to rapidly spin up new projects without heavy investment.
  • Accelerate your cloud journey: Fully-managed – Easy to deploy, manage and maintain, this pioneering hybrid design provides the flexibility to leave your data on-prem or on multiple cloud platforms. Analyze any data, anywhere with enterprise-class security. Pre-built connectors to hundreds of applications.
  • Lower cost: 1/10th of the cost of other cloud data warehouses. Only pay for compute when you are using it. Unlike Amazon Redshift, there are no surprises with our transparent and predictable cost model.
  • Concurrency: Limitless concurrency to handle any enterprise-class workload. Unlike Snowflake, Avalanche scales to support hundreds of concurrent users on a single cluster.
  • Architecture matters: Powered by a unique in-cache database engine to extract the most value out of modern Public and Private cloud compute resources. Unlike Snowflake, Avalanche uses fast EBS storage, so it is not constrained by the high latency of S3 storage on AWS.
Designed for Tomorrow – Delivered Today

Performance at Scale

Cloud-native architecture powers real-time insight from your most demanding queries.


Spectacular Operational Savings

Industry-leading price performance with as much as 9x lower resource costs. Actian FlexPath™ technology enables you to use only the compute resources that you need.

Cloud Service

Delivered as a Fully-Managed Cloud Service

Transform your business with pre-built connectors to popular apps. Let the Actian experts manage the environment while you focus on your business.


Hybrid by Design

Analyze your data where it lives: on-premise, in cloud or a combination of the two. No Cloud Lock-in. Multi-cloud support starting with AWS quickly followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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Getting to Production with Avalanche is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Create Cluster

Create an Avalanche Cluster

Load Data

Load Your Data


Start Analyzing Your Data

From Start to Insight
…in as little as 20 minutes

Turbocharge Market-Basket Analysis with Actian Avalanche

We’ve created a head-to-head comparison between Actian Avalanche Cloud Data warehouse and Microsoft SQL Server doing the same Market-Basket Analysis for a series of food products.

With Actian Avalanche, the Market-Basket Analysis takes seconds, while the Microsoft SQL Server takes minutes.

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